(Open-Face) Sandwich Generation

Hey, did you know we are Childfree? Have I mentioned that before? I can't remember. Usually when people of a "certain age" (me) are taking care of both their children and parents, they are deemed to be of the "Sandwich Generation." But what about those of us without children? Does that make parental caretaking less …

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Homeownership vs Renting

Hey there, all! So I now that we have established my Xennial status, let's talk about a "normal" step of being an adult: Homeownership. Millennials are known for renting instead of buying. They blame the Baby Boomers for aging in place and thus keeping the housing market at a 1% vacancy rate. Millenials blame the …

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Name Change and Update

I am of the last of a generation that remembers rabbit ear televisions, landline telephones, no internet, and being kicked out of the house on a daily basis to go get fresh air (gasp, ALONE!).  We remember using Dogpile as a search engine, ICQ, and the general lack of free email sites (until Hotmail).  We are the generation after Gen-X and loathe being called Millenials.  We are Xennials.


I'm a little behind the game on podcasts, but let me tell you... I have caught up, and in a fury! These are some of my favorite ones so far, and I will explain a few I tried and didn't enjoy.  That doesn't mean YOU won't enjoy them; I just couldn't get in to them.  …

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Post Whole30

I never thought I would say this, but... I miss Whole30 It was pretty regimented, yet flexible enough in the selection. We found a breakfast and lunch that worked for us (berry smoothie and then Cobb salad with oil and vinegar) that we are still having, weeks later; It is the dinner, snacks, and alcohol …

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